This attractive book features 136 photos including 82 B&W illustrations of vanishing prairie buildings in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba & Montana. Many of the stories and photos relate to Edmonton, Regina, Winnipeg, Medicine Hat and area. It includes 48 full color photos of original art created by former civilian internees and combatant prisoners of war while captive in Canada during World War Two.

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Through Images and Phrases

This book is an invitation to use your imagination as you ‘travel’ the following photographs and phrases. As a child when I heard the haunting call of steam engines I wanted to travel the world. Since then I have visited many countries. I hope these images and words will awaken fond memories of your own.


In the midst of your hectic lives, do you yearn to find a quiet mental space to regroup?

Reflections and Images is a quick call to sanity in the midst of chaos.

The 50 photos and words will quickly help you to find an island of thoughtful serenity.

All photos and one liners were created by David Carter and reflect on his journeys to 28 countries.

The booklet can be a journey into your own soul.

With its washable pages it is an ideal gift to friends and especially to those who are lonely or in nursing home or hospital.  It is being used with Alzheimer patients.