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The end of the rainbow!  St. Margaret's Church, Elkwater, AB.

'PRISONERS OF WAR - Behind Canadian Barbed Wire' was the original source for the National Film Board of Canada production 'The Enemy Within' ; and for the CBC TV COUNTRY CANADA documentary 'Murder Behind the Wire', and for a GERMAN ZDF-TV film for viewing in Germany. 'Murder Behind the Wire' was seen by an estimated 1.2 million viewers across Canada.

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A Tiny Prairie Cathedral


The story of St. Margaret’s Church is a true life story of a modern day “Phoenix”, the immortal bird that cyclically regenerated or is otherwise born again. Being associated with the sun, the Phoenix obtains new life by rising from the ashes of its predecessor.

Haunting images of our pioneer past are located within this booklet.

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A Tiny Prairie Cathedral - Book Cover

"The Last Hangman"

This documentary, released in 2018, borrows heavily from David's book "POW - Behind Canadian Barbed Wire". Filmed in Medicine Hat, this piece features David Carter at the site of the first murder (July 1943) and is a compelling narrative of the murders of 5 POW's by fellow POW's and the trials that ensued in Medicine Hat, Alberta. In addition, it deals with the execution of those 5 POW's convicted and a sex offender from Calgary/Vancouver in 1946 in Lethbridge, Alberta.

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Prairie Wings

David J. Carter has written eighteen books and contributed to historical journals in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. Some of his poems were set to music by the late Dr. Violet Archer and performed in Banff, Edmonton and on CBC Radio. He has provided research materials to the CBC COuntry Canada TV production 'Murder Behind the Wire', NFB 'The Enemy Within' and History Television's documentary 'Hitler's Canadians'. He had been featured with Ann Medina on History Television. David also assists researchers and writers in Canada, Australia, UK, USA, Germany and Korea.David and his wife Jean live in the historic Cypress Hills, Alberta. Jean's Newfoundland roots in the 1950's have many similarities with those who grew up on the prairies in the 1940's. The Carter's together with a band of friends have restored St. Margaret's church and cemetery. David conducts occasional services in south eastern Alberta, south western Saskatchewan and Montana. He serves as a daily volunteer weather observer for Environment Canada.