A Tiny Prairie Cathedral - Book Cover

The story of St. Margaret’s Church is a true life story of a modern day “Phoenix”, the immortal bird that cyclically regenerated or is otherwise born again. Being associated with the sun, the Phoenix obtains new life by rising from the ashes of its predecessor.

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A Tiny Prairie Cathedral


Haunting images of our pioneer past are located within this booklet.

The Aboriginal sun dance photos give evidence of pre history within the Eagle Butte Crater and the western Cypress Hills. Vast ranch land followed by settlers experienced the freedom of the old west under the open sky as patrolled by the NWMP. several posts were in this valley of the Medicine Lodge.

In 1898 pioneers laid plans to build a community church, it was built in 1908 and named St Margaret's as a memorial to a young child. In 1942 the Eagle Butte school was torched - twice - the church became a school house.

After 1968 the church and cemetery were neglected.  In 1976 this PHOENIX began to rise from the ruin.    

Annual work bees with volunteers both local, province and Canada wide, plus  Montana and beyond  assist and visit at the open door or via the web.

Come 'visit' St Margaret's - picnic under the trees - listen to the rustling leaves with whispers of these historic hills